Jasmine Sanitising Hand Mist



We all agree that most hand sanitiser is nasty. Not sure this one, we can confidently say you will be pleasantly surprised.

The organic plant- based formula has a beautiful heady scent of jasmine and glycerine to soften. It’s streets ahead of anything else we have tried.

The World Health Organisation Guidelines state that to be effective there must be 75% alcohol, we have that covered to so you can smell amazing but also feel safe.

The spray system is less messy than gel and its small enough to be carried in your bag.

You would expect the 50ml bottle to be recycled glass and it is.


50ml Spray Bottle


Finished with glycerin to provide moisture and Jasmine to leave a fresh scent, your hands will be left clean and revitalised with no sticky residue. 

Carry with you, and use whenever your hands have come into contact with germs or need a refresh. Kills 99.9% of bacteria.