We are Breathe Lifestyle also known as Ashley Westall and James Rose. We have worked in fashion and textiles for a little over 2 decades as part of a team in other brands and businesses. We watched the changing world and recognising that people were spending more time and money on their homes and valued homelife more than ever, we included ourselves in our rudimentary lifestyle study. We could see that what to wear at home was important, loungewear became a thing.

The joy of a luxury hotel is something we aspire to bring into our homes, we made our beautiful thick towelling bathrobes to evoke the memories of a day spent at a relaxing spa.

Breathe Pyjamas are designed to fit into our modern lives, timeless design, generous sizing and a colour palette that is neutral to blend seamlessly into life at home. Our Pyjamas and robes need to look beautiful, feel exquisite and of course be washable.

New for 2021 we have our monogrammed pyjamas which are a really special gift either to yourself or someone you care about. Personalised pyjamas are a little decadent but what’s wrong with that!

Unique Printed exclusively designed pyjamas elevate sleepwear still further and blur the lines between sleep and lounge still further. We offer our printed pyjamas in the bold and the gentlest of colour palettes.

The use of organic and sustainable fabric, recycled paper and packaging is a given, not saying this is perfection just saying that there’s a consciousness and a commitment towards continual improvement here.

So this is the beginning of a story, as you’re reading this it’s likely that you’re going to be a part of the next chapter.


We’re into beautiful simple garments that you can wear day by day, enjoying an elevated sense of self-worth whilst at home.

Our sustainable fabrics wash and wear over and over, which means you can go on enjoying them in the satisfaction that your cost per wear is constantly coming down and value for money is going up.

The timeless all year-round designs are future proofed so that you will love them just as much next year as this.